Andrea Standley worked for Warner Brothers Records for 28 years, founded collaborative songwriting site SongsInc, and is now heading up a movement to promote songwriters and great songs called SongDriven.  I talk with her about how artists can attract record labels looking for artists.  We also discuss the lack of opportunities for songwriters with great songs and how SongDriven intends to change that.


An Insider’s View of a Major Record Label

  • How she “fibbed” her way into a job at Warner Brothers Records and then worked her butt off to keep it.
  • What she did and learned working with the Vice-President of International at Warner Brothers.
  • How she and her husband pioneered the first network at Warner Brothers.
  • What major artists she worked closely with at Warner Brothers in the 80s.
  • How working at Warner showed her the eventual fate of the loss of income for songwriters.
  • The number of artists Warner carried and how many brought in money and what that means for Indies trying to get on a label.

record labels looking for artistsHow To Attract Record Labels Looking For Artists

  • How the internet and technology help Indie Artists get recognized by record labels looking for artists.
  • Why I think the record labels are lazy.
  • The work ethic, mental stability, and other aspects that make for a viable artist in the eyes of record labels looking for artists.

SongsInc And Online Collaboration

  • How instrumental track owners collaborated with melody and lyric writers to create new songs.
  • How Andrea made sure track owners got paid for their collaboration.
  • Placements, sync licenses and artist cuts that were created through SongsInc.
  • How she administrated the program and got paid.

How SongDriven is Creating Opportunities for Songwriters

  • What happens to songs that are pitched to major artists and are not chosen because it isn’t right for the artist.songwriters get songs cut
  • How do we resurrect great songs from the “vault”?
  • Getting uncut songs on radio and into the Grammys.
  • How she advocates for the songwriters by using a unique technique to capture the artist’s part of the royalties.
  • What does “SongDriven” mean as an artist name when attached to a song.
  • How SongDriven is creating a database to help find artists for these great songs.
  • How she’s getting the attention of the Industry to drive major artists to look at SongDriven songs.
  • How songwriters and singer-songwriters can get involved with SongDriven to get new exposure for their songs.
  • How they use Airplay Direct to introduce their music to radio stations, get feedback and boost sales.
  • Andrea welcomes your feedback and ideas as songwriters and artists – email her at
  • How she chooses songs for SongDriven and what she requires for submissions.

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