I talk with award-winning Russian-American artist Marina V about coming to America, finding her calling as a full-time musician and the ups and downs of her career.  She also discusses her creative income strategies, music managers, radio airplay and more.

How to Become a Musician

How To Become A Musician

  • The story of how Marina V entered a talent contest in College that confirmed her calling to become a musician.
  • How she balances her income from month to month to create a sustainable career.
  • The demographics of her fan base and where she performs to reach her fans.
  • What makes an artist unique and how Marina capitalizes n her uniqueness.

How to Become a MusicianHow To Become A Musician: Necessity Breeds Creativity

  • How her income was dramatically effected by the proliferation of online streaming services.
  • What she did in response to this drop in income and how some creative solutions were born through necessity.
  • She talks about her Patreon program and her innovative 2 songs a month club that brings in a steady, recurring musician salary.
  • How she structures her Patreon campaign and the reliable income it generates each month to support her music career.
  • How she incorporates her painting talent into her income streams.
  • The benefits of combining passions – in Marina’s case music and cooking – to create an over-the-top, exclusive fan experience in her own home.
  • The one-on-one experience she creates for her SUPER fans that has them driving to Los Angeles from as far away as San Francisco and Las Vegas to attend.
  • How doing concerts in your home makes concert logistics easier.

How To Become A Musician With The Help Of Mentors

  • How she attracted a top-notch manager.
  • The contribution the manager makes to a musician’s career.
  • When is it time for a musician to find a music manager?
  • How finding a music manager is like finding a boyfriend.
  • Her disastrous and frightening experience being burned by shady managers.
  • How and why to “test out” a manager before engaging them full-time.

How To Become a Musician: Milestones on The Path To Success

  • Her experience connecting with BJ Thomas.
  • How a huge Beatles fan got to work with John Lennon’s producer.
  • How growing up in post-Soviet Union Russia gives her a fresh perspective on her success and keeps her humble and grateful.

How to Become a MusicianHow To Become A Musician By Combining Multiple Streams of Income

  • The timing of her income from royalties, Patreon, concerts and more.
  • Do fans still buy physical CDs?  How you can entice your fans to buy CDs and merchandise at concerts.
  • The kinds of merchandise she sells including sheet music.
  • The crazy story about how she was surprised by huge checks in the mail from International radio play.
  • The cost to promote your song to radio and why she didn’t go that route.
  • How her Internationally popular song also won her an award from Sir Bob Geldoff.
  • The making of her tour documentary.
  • How she got a sponsorship from Toyota by touring in their Toyota Prius.
  • Selling Documentary DVDs to their fans and promoting the movie to Film Festivals.
  • Keeping your perspective on your success as an Indie.  Stop comparing yourself to major label artists. Be grateful and celebrate your wins.

Music Business Books Recommendations

All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Eighth Edition by Donald Passman
The Ultimate Guide to Singing: Gigs, Sound, Money and Health by TC-Helicon

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