FEM45 Get An Entertainment Lawyer BEFORE You Have A Hit Song with Tina Harris

I talk to multi-platinum record pop singer, Tina Harris, about getting an entertainment lawyer. She shares her experience in the music business and the importance of having a professional you can trust and consult about the legalities in the music industry. Tina gives valuable... Read More

FEM33 Using a Live Music Festival Stream as Marketing & The B-Side Remix Project with Yvette Chivers

I talk to marketing and events managing director, Yvette Chivers, about using live music festival stream in music marketing. Yvette is also a DJ and she founded B-Side Project, which aims to bring together music of different genres. Working in the... Read More

FEM25 Why And How To Create Mp3 Tags For Your Songs

What are Mp3 Tags And Why Are They Important An Mp3 Tage also known as an ID3 tag is a data container within an MP3 audio file stored in a prescribed format. This data commonly contains the Artist name, Song... Read More

FEM23 Planning A Music Festival with Victoria Boyington

I talk to Victoria Boyington, a successful musician, founder of the California Women’s Music Festival. She talks about her journey as a singer and songwriter to planning a music festival which aims to bring together women musician for the advancement of womens’... Read More

FEM21 Free Music Promo Using The Clammr App

I love Clammr! I use it to promote my music podcast, Women of Substance, and it’s given our show some amazing exposure to a new audience.  I know it is a great tool for all Indie Musicians to add to... Read More

FEM14 Jobs for Music Majors & Climbing The Music Industry Ladder with April Duran

I talk with April Duran, founder of all-female Record Label Rag House Records and creator of SoCal Girl Fest about climbing the Music Industry ladder and the philosophy that keeps her moving upward. Her Experience at Musician’s Institute Going back... Read More

FEM09 Getting A Record Deal Is Just The Beginning with JES

I talk with JES about her genre, Rocktronica, her songwriting, her amazing ride with her band “Motorcycle”, getting a record deal and what it meant for her career, and now starting her own label. The Electronica Culture The culture of... Read More

FEM08 How to Become A Successful Musician with Ariel Hyatt

Ariel Hyatt, author, speaker and founder of CyberPR®, talks about what holds musicians back from success, telling signature stories (hint: it’s not just the bio), and the power of an e-mail list. Her Artistic & Business Background and How She... Read More

FEM04 How To Attract Record Labels Looking For Artists And How To Sell Songs To Artists with Andrea Standley of SongDriven

Andrea Standley worked for Warner Brothers Records for 28 years, founded collaborative songwriting site SongsInc, and is now heading up a movement to promote songwriters and great songs called SongDriven.  I talk with her about how artists can attract record... Read More

FEM02 The SXSW Social Scene: Networking at SXSW with Music Publicist Stacey Sherman

I talk with Music Publicist Stacey Sherman about promoting Indie Artists and her experience on her maiden voyage to South By Southwest, the behemoth Music Festival held every March in Austin, Texas. What Does a Music Publicist Do? Why it’s important... Read More