how to become a successful artistThe 4 Essential Ingredients That Will Virtually Guarantee Your Success

The question is…how to become a successful artist without getting overwhelmed by all the things you “could” be doing or think you “should” be doing.  It comes down to focusing on these 4 essential ingredients. When you are armed with these 4 essentials, there will be no stopping you! You will be motivated, dedicated, educated and constantly making progress in your music career.

Here they are:

1. A Well-Conceived Set of Goals and a Plan to Execute Them

This may sound cliche, but I’m amazed how many artists have never really hunkered down and done the soul-searching required to come up with their core values, their mission statement and a vision for where they want to go with this music thing.

Too many artists DO a bunch of things around their music, but none of them lead anywhere significant because they aren’t following a plan, haven’t created clear goals so they know whether they are making progress, and they haven’t identified the exact actions they need to take to achieve their goals.

If you’re just making music as a hobby, planning & goal-setting aren’t necessary, but it is actually super helpful because you still want to stay motivated, progress, and at least make enough money to self-sustain your hobby.

And if your ultimate desire is to make a living from your music and your focus is on how to become a successful artist and make money doing it, whether part time or full time, then I think you know what I’m gonna say…planning and goal-setting is THE #1 ESSENTIAL component to ensure your success.

2. Training and Coaching Tailored to Your Current Stage of Music Career Growth

This is HUGE. A “one size fits all” training program doesn’t serve anyone well. The beginners might feel lost and discouraged, and the more advanced people will be bored and disengaged.

I am all about the “Goldie Locks” style of training…finding the stage of growth you’re at right now and offering training that’s “just right” for you.

So often I see artists trying to employ strategies that are too advanced for their stage of career growth. This usually leads to frustration because certain tactics only work at certain stages. Plus, you can spend a lot of money on things that will NEVER work for a beginner (like expensive PR campaigns, radio promoters, hiring a booking agent or manager, running Facebook ads, the list goes on…) Beginners need to be patient and trust the process.

On the flipside, more established artists should not be wasting their time going back to the basics. If they’ve built a firm foundation and a solid fan base, it’s time for them to spread their wings and try some new strategies.

The key here is to identify what stage of growth you’re at and start learning and executing strategies that are “just right” for you.

Goldie Locks had the right idea!

3. The Ability to Get Your Specific Questions Answered

This is where a mentor or coach comes in. The music business is not “one size fits all” as I mentioned before, but on top of that, everyone faces unique challenges.

The biggest career killer is getting “stuck” trying to solve a particular problem. I’ve seen artists stuck in the same place for months or even years. That just sucks!

The remedy for that is having a place to get your specific questions answered. This can be in a forum, a Facebook group, or live with a mentor or coach.

We all want to feel “heard and understood”. In my business, having a mentor or coach has made a MASSIVE difference in my progress. I am 100% confident it will for you too.

4. Accountability & Community

When left to our own devices…we can sure get ourselves into trouble! It’s so easy to rationalize and weasel out of things that are hard, uncomfortable or scary. Sometime, we can be our own worst enemy.

The internal struggle is very real!

And the best way to free ourselves from the bonds of self-deception and sabotage, is to have friends and colleagues who hold us accountable.

Whether it’s a one-on-one partner, or a community of like-minded musicians who are serious about their craft and career and pursuing similar goals, we all NEED accountability to succeed.

End of story!

How To Become A Successful Artist By Putting The 4 Essential Ingredients Into Action

I hope you recognize the value of these 4 essential components to your music career advancement.

Now how do you make them a part of your daily work and life?

I’m not gonna lie, there are other places you can choose from to access these essential components, but none I know that brings them all together and ties them up in a pretty bow like the Female Musician Academy.

Obviously, I designed the Academy to focus on these 4 Essential Components because my greatest desire is to see YOU make progress and hit major milestones in your music career.

What I want most is to have a flood of testimonials and case studies of women just like you who have made major strides in their career and done things they never thought were possible.

Let me break down for you how The Female Musician Academy delivers the 4 essentials I mentioned above:

1. How to become a successful artist using well conceived set of goals and a plan to execute them

We have a whole course on planning and goal-setting. This has become something of an “expertise” for me because no other music business training program I know provides as much detailed information, guidance and action-producing worksheets on this subject.
In fact, I pretty much insist that everyone who joins the Academy, no matter what career stage their at, start with these exercises for clarity and strategy.

2. How to become a successful artist using training and coaching tailored to your current stage of music career growth

When you join, we have a process for figuring out what stage of music career growth you are at right now. Then, we tell you exactly where to go to get the right training for your stage, and what to focus on right now.

All our members get to be “Goldie Locks”. And The Academy is the only program I know for musicians that does this.

3. How to become a successful artist by getting your specific questions answered

We hold 2 Q&A sessions per month. That means, you have 2 chances each month to ask your questions and get them answered by me or another knowledgeable member right on video. We also record the sessions in case you can’t make it. It is amazing how much you can learn from the questions and struggles of others.

Our members tell me this is their FAVORITE part of the Academy.

4. How to become a successful artist through Accountability & Community

Our community is A-MAZING.

We attract some of the smartest, most dedicated, talented artists in the Indie Female Musician world.

The ladies in the community support each other, are generous with their time and help, and create lasting professional and personal relationships. This is the glue that will make your career growth “stick”.

And the Academy is unique in that it’s EXCLUSIVELY for female artists. This creates a safe environment for us all to build each other up and create a movement for women in music.

Well…there you have it.

So if you are looking for a place you can learn and grow as a female artist, check out the Female Musician Academy.