Last week I had the opportunity to be on a Facebook Live interview with Jill Stanton from Screw the Nine to Five. We talked about a lot from why I ditched my Nine to Five to what my Female Musician Academy has to offer.

I created The Female Musician Academy for women who are navigating the world of music business. The Academy is a safe place where women can come together to pursue their music as a business. The Academy is a supportive community for women to be vulnerable and share their struggles in music without judgement. If you’re a female musician, consider joining our growing group of women helping women.

smart goals

You may not know this but I worked as the Director of Finance in an opera company before starting the Academy. I was in control of an $8 million budget and there was plenty of drama on and off the stage. Exhausted from the stress and weirdness of the corporate culture, I decided to say “Screw the nine to five,” and take my life into my own hands. That’s when The Female Musician Academy was born.

One thing that has worked well for me:

Having workshops and connecting with people. Automation is great, but it’s boring so I put a lot of time into connecting with my audience on a personal level. I have also been incorporating my student’s achievements into my newsletter each week. Although I’m inspiring  Academy members, their accomplishments inspire me to create and serve my students more.

My biggest screw up and how I fixed it:

I made the mistake of watching other people and I thought I had to launch my own signature course. I spent a lot of time creating the perfect course and I didn’t love it. I found that I’d rather be spending my time interacting with my students and Academy members. When I started focusing solely on my Academy members, I felt vibrant again. My membership grew from 35 members to 115 in just six months!

Best Advice:

Treat your sales like gold. Find out who is in your course, how they are doing and how you can help them. Being involved and learning what they are struggling with has helped me serve them more effectively.

What I’m excited for in my business:

I love helping my students, so helping them understand the foundations of a successful music business is my top priority. I’ve been working on a few things with topics like “understanding the music fan journey” and how my members can grow their business from it.

My favorite thing about ScrewU:

Working one on one with Jill and Josh Stanton has been wonderful. I’ve gained a lot of insight and clarity that has helped me grow my business. I also love my fellow Mastermind members with whom I have built amazing relationships with. We are not only great friends, but we also help one another with our businesses.

To me, a successful business looks like:

Having freedom and being location independent. Because of deciding to say “Screw the nine to five,” I am able to take 3.5 weeks off in July and travel to Maine with my family. I have the ability to take my work wherever I go. I can make my own schedule and have the freedom to take a break when I want to.

There is so much more to The Female Musician Academy than what this short interview shared. Aside from the community and support, I also offer exclusive training to my Academy members and several coaching calls each month. If you are a female musician and are looking to get started on your music journey, join the Academy where you will find everything you need. I’ll see you there!

smart goals