What Does Dieting Have To Do With Music Industry Blog Content?

music industry blogIf you’ve been in my community for a while, you know my goal is to be as authenitc and “real” with you as possible.

So here’s one of those times I’m going to get totally real with ya.

It seems that I might have “indulged” a bit too much this summer.

My husband got a new Asian cook book and my daughter LOVES to bake…and well I…I love to eat.

Now that summer is over and it’s time to get back into the clothing of fall… I’ve found that my favorite pair of jeans doesn’t fit quite like it used to.

In fact, I’m having trouble finding a pair of pants that is remotely comfortable. Yikes!

So I think you can guess where I’m going form here…

It’s time for me to buckle down and go on a “diet” of sorts. I’m not going “hard core”, but I just need to pretty much cut back on everything and be mindful of everything I put into my mouth.

So you’re probably wondering, “I thought Bree was going to be talking about making money from music. What does this have to do with my music career?”


I’ll get to the connection in a minute.

Recently, I had a student in my Female Musician Academy ask me a really smart question.

“I get a lot of emails, music industry blog posts and trainings coming through my inbox. How do I know which to pay attention to?”

I totally get it! There is SO much great training and advice available on the net, on music industry blogs, in our email boxes, on workshops, etc. And of course…I am one of the people who’s vying for your attention:)

And when I say I get it…I really get it. I have the same issue in my own inbox with business and marketing advice, training, new music industry blog posts and podcasts, books, and a gazzion more things I could be spending my time learning and consuming.

Since I’ve had personal experience with this struggle, I knew exactly how to answer my member’s question.

Go on a Content Diet!


When I go on a “diet” (I actually hate the word diet, I prefer the term “meal plan”), what’s successful for me is to find anywhere from 3-5 staple dishes that I LOVE and make those the main part of my plan.

That way, I don’t get overwhelmed with choices, spend too much time learning new recipes, but I’m eating healthy, getting results and really enjoying the experience.

I’m hoping you see where I’m going with this analogy….

How To Decide Which Music Industry Blog Sites, Content & Coaches To Keep In Your “Meal Plan”

When you go on a “content diet”, the key is to find a handful of really great teachers and music industry blogs to learn from and focus your energy on.

Your choices should be people who really resonate with you, people who inspire you, and people who can give you actionable steps and training to follow that will get you results.

Of course, I’d love to be one of those people:)

But I’m not stingy. There are many great music industry blogs & resources out there for you to learn from, many of which are my friends.

What I suggest is that you pick a few and REALLY follow and apply what they are teaching – immerse yourself so you can really see tangible results.

Then…dare I say it…unsubscribe and disconnect from the rest of the “gurus” and music industry blogs.

Yes! That IS what is necessary to stop the overwhelm so you can laser focus on moving your music, your marketing, and your business to the next level.

I’ve “cleaned house” in my own inbox over the last year by deciding on a handful of people to follow that I find engaging, super knowledgeable and able to get me results.

After all…what you really want…what you crave…is results.

So, I encourage you to spend 10 minutes today “cleaning house” in your inbox and keeping only the emails subscriptions and music industry blogs that will motivate, educate and translate into results for you.  This will allow you to get the most out of the music industry blogs, resources and coaches you chose and get you some sweet results.