Sources of Music Artist Income

One of the biggest challenges facing musicians is generating artist income. Although sales of recorded music have dropped significantly, there are many new sources of income available to musicians.

Our friends at Bandzoogle have put together a free eBook called “23 Ways Musicians Can Make Money” to help musicians and bands find ways to generate more money for their careers.

music artist income

[Free eBook] 23 Sources of Music Artist Income

Here’s what you’ll find in the eBook:

● 23 ideas for generating revenue for your career

● Resources and expert tips for each revenue stream

● Musician tools and services to help you increase your revenue

● Details on a new form of currency for musicians

● Eye-­opening statistics on the most important marketing tool for musicians

It’s a quick read, has a ton of great tips and resources, and will no doubt help spark some ideas for how to increase artist income for your career! Download the eBook FREE

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More Resources on Building A Musician Website that Generates Artist Income

To learn more about creating a music website that attracts new fans and creates more artist income, watch our workshop with Bandzoogle – Music Website Destruction Derby.