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Why You Still Need To Do Offline Music Marketing

The Internet Age makes promoting your music fast, easy and affordable. It takes just a few minutes to set up a basic one-page bio and social media accounts. You can devise an online music marketing strategy and execute it with... Read More

What’s The Best Way To Promote My Music? – Here Are 5 Free Yet Effective Strategies

If you’re an artist or producer and you’re just starting out or not very well known, you probably want to get your name out there you’re asking yourself the common question, “What is the best way to promote my music... Read More

The Business of Music Marketing And Promotion: Mistakes To Avoid

The business of music marketing and promotion is complex. As an Indie musician, you will soon realize that to leave your mark in the music industry, you need to know how to market yourself. Now, it isn’t difficult to find... Read More

Musician Branding: Advice To Help Indie Musicians Stand Out In A Noisy Industry

Confused about branding your music and how branding in the music industry is different from corporate branding? In this video you’ll get 3 music branding tips for branding music artists. Branding your band is a similar process, so you can... Read More

How To Be A Successful Indie Artist Step-by-Step

Discover how to be a successful Indie artist in the new Music Industry. The music business has changed a LOT in the last 10 years. Technology has opened up so many opportunities to Indie Artists, introducing a whole new breed... Read More

How To Market Music Online: 7 Truths All Musicians Should Know

How To Market Music Online… And What Happens If You Don’t Ever wondered why some super talented musicians don’t get the fanbase and recognition you feel they deserve, while other not as talented musicians get a lot more exposure and... Read More