While Katie and I partner for their program “Out To Launch”, we also launch programs on our own. This episode talks about why our latest program launches were the best we’ve ever had and how we used our own launching method to create the best, most stress-free launches we’ve ever had over the past few months. There are some golden nuggets of wisdom that came out of this conversation that you can apply to launching your own online programs.

Back in June, we launched Out to Launch and that went really well. We also did separate launches which both went easily and super well, basically because they were warmed up really well. We didn’t have everything planned out but we did have ideas of what we wanted to launch. We both got ideas for our next launches when we were taking breaks and vacations.

During the Out to Launch launch, Katie has been getting a lot of questions about Patreon. She asked her audience or email list directly if they are interested in something. This strategy has been working for her. I have also been getting a number of DMs about it so there were a lot of validations for the program.

We had to do a pre-launch with my list because not all of them know Katie Zaccardi. We had a week or two to do planning. We decided to do a Q&A for one of our latest program launches. We needed a simple landing page and graphics. People loved it and they were really engaged. Most of the people on the live ended up joining. This was eye-opening for us because this is the first time we did it. It was fun and less stressful rather than the previous challenges we have been doing. Also, the key thing is they’ve been warmed up since my audience knew Katie from the Out to Launch launch.

For example, even if nothing about Patreon was tackled during the Out to Launch program, all the principles discussed applies to launching Patreon. The good thing is we provided something that the audience really wants and that they validated so that makes it really easy and successful.

Another thing is we really loved the format of what we did about the workshop. We did not get a lot of engagement with the challenge and we were frustrated, but we had a huge engagement for the Q&A. We were also able to establish the trust of our audience through the Q&A.

After that, I did have two latest program launches that went really really well. One was the final launch of the Academy for the year 2021. When I was on vacation, I was thinking about the dabblers I have recently been having in the Academy. I’ve had the Academy for six years and I love it and I’m very attached to it. I wanted people who are committed to be in it. While it wasn’t generally open to the public before, there was an ongoing funnel. When I advised people about the closed door for 2021 only through a chosen email list, I had around 15 or 16 people who joined and most of them paid the full annual membership which has not been happening before. The scarcity part of it attracted the right people.

Another thing is not being obsessed with the result. I went into the launch thinking if I get five people, I’d be happy. Feeling not pressured before and after the launch but doing your best during the launch made them balanced and so successful. Make sure you build connection with your audience before you launch. How you show up on your launch will affect the launch itself. Another important thing is having the right support system throughout your launch.

The second program I launched was not as successful as the first one. I did do a couple of webinars towards the last day of the offer and that’s what the people needed. I felt that if I had done that at the start, the turn out would have been better. The good thing is I have learned that, and when I launch the program again next year, I can use the webinars I’ve done.

We have a tendency to feel resentful about how the launch turned out. Instead of being happy about what you’ve got, you can feel discontent regarding your goals and this is a mindgame. Tell us if you want an episode about how to get out of your head during a launch.

The important thing is get over the numbers and be grateful you got the right people in the program you launched. Remind yourself about your goal and your passion and the reason why you wanted the launch. Do not focus on the numbers.

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