As I near my 50th birthday…I’ve made some major shifts in my life and business that have significantly impacted how I show up, am able to make an impact and enjoy my business. I hope these shifts and lessons I’ve learned inspire you to look at ways you can lean into more of what gives you purpose, freedom and joy!

I love listening to episodes like this from other people because I learn a lot from the lessons they learned by making changes in their own life and business. I haven’t done a personal and business update in a really long time and I thought this will be fun for you. I wanted to look at the past year in terms of the shifts that made all the difference. I am feeling happier and more aligned in my business right now, because of these changes.

We transitioned into being the Profitable Musician.

My summit partner from the Profitable Musician Summit back in 2018 and 2019 and Binge Weekend 2020 gifted me with domain. That sparked me making this whole transition because it made a lot of sense. Male artists have been asking me if I only work for female artists. I have also been talking about a lot of different things showing how musicians can make money in a lot of different ways.

I launched the Profitable Musician Show in November 2020. We run three podcast including the Women of Substance which I have completely handed over to Beth Matthew. I felt that it’s time to take more risks.

We took on our first cross-country trip.

We ended up buying a new house.

Wanting to have direct impact to my students.

At the beginning of January, I started adding a monthly call to my Rock Your Next Release students.

I created a program that we just launched that allows me to work more directly to help students get actual implementation done.

One of the things that inspired me to work directly with this program is when I partnered with another coach, Katie Zaccardi, with Out to Launch. I’ve been loving that experience and that drove me into wanting to have more direct impact.

Leaning more on my team.

I’ve expanded the roles of some of the people in my team over the past year. I noticed I have become the bottleneck in some areas and allowing my team members to take ownership has freed up my time and allowed me to do the things that I love more.

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