A “Superstar Brand” is not about being a larger-than-life Rockstar. It’s about knowing exactly what makes you unique and how to amplify those things in a way that your audience connects with you. Your music alone is not enough to make people care enough to follow up, promote you and invest in your career.

You might be thinking, “I’m not a superstar brand. I’m not a rockstar. I just want to make music.” That is not what I’m talking about. I mainly work with indie artists, a lot of whom are women. Most of whom I work with are in their 40s or older. Your superstar brand is amplifying more of who you already are and using that to connect with others, but being very intentional about it. Knowing what it is about you that makes you unique, that makes YOU stand out, that makes people want to know more about you, makes people want to listen more to your music, listen to the stories that you tell about your music — all of that is part of your superstar brand. There are ways we can develop that brand to make it stand out.

The Branding we know is mainly about using the same colors and the same fonts so that when people see something, they immediately know it is yours. However, it is more than that. Branding is making people care and want to get to know more about you from the first impression that they get, then the next impression, and the next impression.

Some of this stems from the training that I’m about to do about branding. The first is Nailing Down the Pieces of Your Superstar Brand up until How We Can Effortlessly Attract the Right People — those that automatically resonate with our brand, how we speak to them and what kind of content we deliver to them. That is all that’s going to be involved in my Fan Attraction Bootcamp. If you want to know more about it, check it at fanattraction.com.

This stemed from something I heard at a conference recently. “Most of you do not have an awareness problem, you have an apathy problem”. People are aware of you but you have not made them care enough to notice.

You are a superstar to a certain group of people — and those people are your perfect people. They are really people who will look at what you’re doing at superstar level.

During my time, I was in a worship team and we did pop songs and making them more inspirational. It allowed me to sing all these pop songs. There was this girl who was at that time 6 or 7 years old. Her parents came up to me and said that she really really admired me and wanted to meet me. It was really cool. For that little girl, I was a superstar. Because I was not only singing but was sharing about myself too, that girl thought of me as an inspiration and connected with me.

What is unique about you? What makes you stand out? What makes people want to connect with you? What do you have that people do not have? How can you amplify those things so people know that you have the same identifiers?

So let me say that one more time. You do not have an awareness problem, you have an apathy problem. Let’s kick this apathy problem in the butt. I want you to get out there, take who you are and what you can offer the world, amplify it and reach out to more people that they would like to know more about you. If you want to do this, I invite you to join the Fan Attraction Bootcamp. I can’t wait to help you get out into the world and let more people know about you.

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