Are you really committed? This episode might be a bit uncomfortable for some of you. But I want you to succeed and realize your dreams in your music career so I’m being a little blunt in this episode. I talk about the 3 signs that you’re truly committed and not just paying lip service to wanting a music career. I know this episode will be both inspiring and convicting.

Results — Are you taking the right type of action?

Results does not mean you have a bunch of things in your win column. It means you have something to show that you’ve been doing things that will move your career forward. Results come out of you taking action out of your comfort zone. They may be things that have created desirable or undesirable results. Those “undesirable” results cannot really be considered as losses since you learned from them. Things that are random, unplanned and not thought through cannot be considered as results. They need to be intentional. It’s taking calculated action or “flails”. I don’t want you to think of it as fail if you planned, took a calculated action and did not have the expected result. The problem is most artists are afraid to make those uncomfortable experience. They want their win to be inevitable and sure thing. That cannot be guaranteed. In fact, I still experience undesirable results half of the time. It’s because people change, the markets change. You have to try and figure it out. You’ve got to keep taking action.

Having skin in the game — Are you investing in yourself?

Investing in yourself has to be smart to improve yourself as a musician or improve your marketing abilities. I am always working with a coach to learn something and do new things in my business and you need to do that as well. Whether you’re investing in a coach to help you, a community to help you, a course to help you learn Facebook ads — those show that you are really committed. I did not have profit for the first 3 years, because I kept on investing and reinvesting and being committed to what my business could be. If you can put yourself on the line and really believe in yourself and your cause, it will create a whole new relationship with yourself and your music career.

Being accountable — Setting up a system to be accountable.

If you’re not really committed, you don’t want somebody checking in on you to see if you’re doing what you had to do. A sign that you’re really committed is putting yourself in that uncomfortable spot and having someone check things for you.

I hope this is inspiring and convicting to some of you.

I don’t want you just playing around. I want you achieving results. I want you to be committed so I’m giving you the tools so you can be fully committed to yourself and your career.

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