Beth Matthew and Cayla Brooke talk about overcoming insecurities and motivation mindset about releasing music. If you have insecurities, fears, or doubts which surface when you’re releasing music, know that you are not alone and we can all relate to you in some way.

Here are mindset issues musicians can have when performing, as shared by Beth.

Areas of Mindset Issues and Overcoming Insecurities:
1. Looks and Appearance
For women, in particular, weight and age can be a big factor.
2. Sound and Craft
Does our singing really sound good enough? Ask yourself, good enough for whom? Our own self might be our highest critic. Some of the best singers still experience doubt about their own sound when they are recording their songs, going live on social media, or on our album release party.
3. Overall Fan Appeal
Does what we have to offer appeal to other people? Yes. Will it appeal to all people? No. You have to find who your true fans are. Be authentic and share stories. That connects with your audience.

Cayla believes in action to get you past your mindset issues.

Action Steps:
1. Practice posing for photographs. Cayla advised about looking online for people who look the same as her and seeing how they pose. One platform she researches is Pinterest. You can practice the poses with different outfits and that will make you confident.
2. Surround yourself with fabulous people. That made Cayla a bit insecure because of this. You have to understand and know your worth. Know what you are bringing to the table.
3. Know your truth. Know what you are good at. Wherever your talents lie, bring that to the table.
4. Change your mindset about money. Cayla realized that her mindset about things costing a lot of money is holding her back from releasing her album. She started looking for sponsors and doing fundraising. The money will show up. You just have to take action.

4 Tips on Mindset Motivation:
1. Be authentic. Be authentic in your creativity, your craft, your style of relating and in how you present yourself.
2. Be patient. Be patient with yourself. You are your own worst inner critic.
3. Allow yourself to learn from your experiences. Everyone can be a teacher.
4. Redefine success. What is success to you? What can bring you happiness? Only you can decide.

When you are running up against a wall, usually that is a mindset issue. Know what actions you can take to move forward.  We are given a gift that we are supposed to share with the world. Let’s do justice to honoring our gift. We should openly and happily share it. Let them know your music can really help others and it can rock their world. Know what you bring to the table. You bring a lot to the table.

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