Is it time for a rebrand? When I talk about a rebrand, I am not talking necessarily about coming up with new fonts, colors or logo. I’m talking about a rebrand from the inside out — knowing who you are deeply, your core values, your identity. This is what we dive deep into in my upcoming Fan Attraction Bootcamp.

There are times in our career that we need an overhaul of our brand.  I recently transitioned my brand under an umbrella of the Profitable Musician. Before this all happened, in 2018, I have started to soften the edges of the brand I had back then. However, things have not turned out as I envisioned them and I think it’s time for a rebrand. I will share with you the reasons that made me think it’s time for a rebrand.

Reasons for A Rebrand:

1st: Getting bored and burned out.

I noticed that I don’t like the direction things are going. When you decide to rebrand, you don’t really need to do things from the start. You can change your genre and there is not even a need to change your artist name.

2nd: What I have been talking about has become homogenous to what everybody else is doing.

When I started, I wanted to be a disruptor. I wanted to be a champion for women. When I started doing summits, my voice started to merge with their messages. It caused me to fade into the background more than I wanted. In music, it may be like doing a ton of cover music and you become known for it. That doesn’t mean you can’t start putting out more of your original music. If you did things that are not that authentic to you, do not think about how people might react when you start becoming more true to yourself with your content. This is something we do with the Fan Attraction Bootcamp.

We’re talking about connection points that allow you to be more conscious about yourself and connect with people on a deeper level.

3rd: You’re no longer attracting new people.

We also discuss this in the Fan Attraction Bootcamp. You have to know where to find your people.

I recently started being on TikTok and it has helped me be bolder and put out myself just how I wanted to be. It may not bring me dollars right now, but it is helping me build my brand the way I want it.

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