In this episode, our Community Managers, Beth Matthew and Cayla Brooke, discuss how to get productive especially as a musician. Some of the things they talk about seem common sense but it does not mean that they are necessarily common practice.

Basic Practices to Get Productive:

1. Get enough sleep.
As adults and as women, we need 7 to 9 hours of sleep.  Lacking sleep directly affects our productivity. It may allow you to feel grumpy, increase your stress levels, decrease concentration level and make you feel a lack of energy.

2. Watch your food intake.
Food intake has a direct correlation to our productivity levels. If you have a habit of taking in too much sugar or sodas, that is going to drag you down or make you feel less productive during the day. You may consult a nutritionist so you can feed your body appropriately.

3. Exercise.
Exercise has a whole lot of benefits: improves brain function, makes you feel good, improves time management among others

4. Manage making decisions.
There are only a number of decisions you can make in a day. To be more productive, you can limit things that use up your decision for non-important things such as when scrolling through social media. Simply making a decision to like or react to a post or not can use up your decision-making.

Health issues can really be a challenge. 

Mindset is a huge part of handling productivity.

Have a development plan to achieve productivity and be strategic about your life.


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