Licensing beats is one way a successful career in music is more than possible with so many avenues to express and profit from your creativity. Breana Marin is a singer-songwriter and the founder of Love Pulse Music, a collective of songwriters and producers specializing in curating music for TV and film. She’s also one of the top-selling hook/songwriters on the beat-making platform, Beatstars. In this episode, Breana chats with Bree Noble to share how she found her way to licensing beats and how it’s helped her earn a living while finding artistic fulfillment. She breaks down the process to explain just how licensing beats works. Tune in as Breana also shares how it paved the way for music and became a grassroots campaign for her career as an artist.

Breana is songwriter at heart. She moved to LA, interned for Andre Merritt and learned as much as she could. She has written for Fifth Harmony, Keyshia Cole, Star & Empire on Fox, among other television shows. She started on a website called SoundBetter, where engineers, producers, songwriters, and vocalists can be hired by clients looking for someone if they need help finish their songs or whatever project that they are working on. That experience was a life changer for her.

She met the owner and founder of BeatStars and started partnering with producers on the platform and licensing beats and hooks to songwriters.

Everybody needs a beat. Let’s start there. If you want to write a song, we are going to need a beat, track, chord or whatever it is that inspires you to start writing your song.

On the platform people can buy a license for the beat. It ranges from $20 to $200 to $500. The tracks are customizable. Artists are required to name them as featured artist on the track.

Licensing beats allowed Breana to be linked to a lot of audience on Spotify because of being featured on a number of tracks. Collabs helped her get new audiences.

Since she was getting a lot of inquiries from writers and producers, she started her own licensing beats  company, Love Pulse Music. They do not put the platform out looking for people. They want it to be very curated and intentional.

Breana’s advice about beginning such an endeavor is “Research before you start. Take a look at who is performing the best on those platforms. Take what you can from it and apply it to yourself. If possible, have a home setup so that you can be lightning-fast with your work. Create and then market as much as you possibly can.”

Find her at and her Instagram is @itsbreanamarin.

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