As an artist, music video marketing is one of the best tools we have in our marketing arsenal. Whether it’s boosting your crowdfunding campaign or getting more Patreon followers, Holly G of Holly G Studios tells us all about how to create videos to connect to our audience and grow our fanbase.

She has just started a new course called Go Live Like A Pro where she demystifies live video and teaches artists how to effectively use it to boost their fan base.

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Music Video Marketing to Grow Your Fanbase

  • You need to start using video immediately if you aren’t alreadymusic video marketing
  • Video is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal
  • Video differentiates you from other artists in your genre
  • Video will help you build superfans
  • Fans love a look behind the scenes of your creative process

Music Video Marketing for Different Platforms

  • Respect the platform and understand why people are on it
  • Consider what you want to see on the platformmusic video marketing
  • Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses
  • First thing to consider – Where is your audience?
  • Know which platform your fans are on and focus there

Confidence for Videos

  • Building confidence comes with one video at a time
  • Keep putting yourself in that position
  • Before you start, visualize a successful outcome
  • It takes time, patience, and practicemusic video marketing
  • Visualize feeling comfortable and confident

How to Leverage FB Live

  • Live video cranks up your trust factor
  • Let people know that you’re going live in advance
  • Facebook Live gets fans engaged and they become invested in you
  • Video is on the rise
  • People are watching “Live” videos 3X longer than videos that are no longer live.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Holly’s course Go Live Like A Pro where she shows you how to use music video marketing to connect with your audience authentically and ultimately, grow your fanbase.

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