This week, Naomi Wachira joins me to discuss music for community and how growing up singing gospel music in a choir has driven her to create music that is hopeful and inspiring. Committed to making the world a better place, you can find Naomi in the Pacific Northwest pursuing her music career full time.

music for community

Revenue Streamsmusic for community

  • Performance Fees
  • Donation model and flat rate fees for house concerts
  • CD Sales
  • Streaming
  • T-shirts
  • Voice Overs

Non-Traditional Venues

  • Intentionally seeking out non-traditional venues like galleries and house concertsmusic for community
  • Playing venues that allow how music to create conversation
  • Touring with her young daughter impacts venue selection
  • The power of your fan network to help book house concerts

Overcoming Struggle

  • Hitting rock bottom while broke in Berlinmusic for community
  • The spiritual breakthrough at rock bottom
  • Keeping a faith that things will work out
  • Opening herself to new experiences and learning

The Role of Music in Bringing People Together

  • The Role of the artist
  • Creating music for community
  • Art is a beacon of light
  • The power of music to disarm us

Angelique Kidjo quote – “Even enemies listen to the same type of music.”

Books and Resources


Naomi Wachira (@imanafricangirl) | Twitter

Naomi Wachira – YouTube


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