Are you a solo artist who is stuck because you feel like you need a band to perform and share your music? Today, I am going to tell you why you need to stop looking for a band and what you can do to feel more comfortable onstage.

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Many musicians insecure performing solo onstage. Lack of confidence around their instrument of choice or the ability to sing and play well enough to carry a show are limiting beliefs that hold artists back.

Why you need to stop looking for a band:

  • It’s hard to find a shared vision where everyone is on the same page.
  • Getting together for practice can be difficult.
  • Bands can invite unwanted drama and unnecessary emotional stress.
  • Difficulty touring (when and where to travel to, days jobs, families).

What should be focused on is practicing. We’ve all heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” This couldn’t be more true for all the struggling musicians out there. Try setting a goal to practice for an hour each day for a month. Practice singing and playing your instrument. Perform for family and friends so you can get comfortable with people watching you. If you see an improvement after 30 days, go ahead and start booking yourself some gigs. Since most gigs are booked in advance, there will be plenty of time for more practice before the big performance.

Ways to make your performance unforgettable:

  • Get different mixes of your music, some where your instrument is taken out. Play your instrument live instead.
  • Use looping technology to keep songs interesting and unpredictable.
  • If you don’t play an instrument, you can use tracks.

Being a solo artist can be isolating and lonely. It’s common to yearn for the comradery of a band but looking for the right band isn’t always the right choice. With a little bit of practice and imagination, you can transform your attitude about performing solo onstage from insecurity to confidence.



Bree Noble Female Entrepreneur MusicianBree Noble is an entrepreneur, musician and speaker. She founded Women of Substance Radio, an online radio station that promotes quality female artists in all genres, in 2007.  She launched the Women of Substance Music Podcast in November 2014, a 5 day per week show which promotes Independent female artists. Her podcast has hit #1 in New & Noteworthy for the Music, Arts and Society & Culture categories and #4 Audio Podcast on all of iTunes. She draws on her extensive experience running her own music business, both as a solo musician and as an Industry professional, to train and mentor other female musicians. Learn more about the station, the show and the artists Connect with Bree on Twitter @BreeNoble or on Facebook or on Instagram @breenoblemusic