Today we talk about masterminds for musicians and break down why they are important for accountability.

To get started with an accountability partner, join the Get More Done In Less Time Challenge starting on January 23. In this challenge, we will identify how to create music goals with clear objectives and how you can be productive in your business everyday by having an accountability partner.

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Having a mastermind or accountability partner is hugely beneficial:

  • You are relying on a system other than your own conscience by having someone to report to.
  • You are not alone. You have a support system.
  • You have someone to commiserate with or bounce ideas off of.
  • Find accountability partners in free groups such as independent musician groups on Facebook, Female Musician Community on Facebook, and by meeting local musicians.
  • You can meet locally or remotely using Zoom, Skype or phone.

masterminds for musicians

When finding an mastermind or accountability partner, look for someone:

  1. in a similar career stage as you.
  2. with a good work ethic. Someone who will put in the time and effort to do the tasks they said they would.
  3. with a personality similar to yours or one that you gel with. You need to feel comfortable with each other.
  4. with a similar business model as yours.
  5. in a similar genre as yours. It doesn’t have to the same but it shouldn’t be polar opposites.
  6. with commitment to the process. Someone who will come to the meetings and want the accountability back.

 Once you find your mastermind or accountability partner:

  • set up meetings on a regular basis. Maybe that’s once a week or once a month. It must be a time everyone can commit to.
  • stay on task. Appoint one person to keep track of time and go through wins, things you are working on now and things you need to do.

Join us in the challenge, where so many people have seen progress after just 5 days! You’ll get an accountability partner, clear, doable assignments, daily live streams where I answer all your questions and so much more. I’ll see you there!


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