Don’t feel shy, uncomfortable or even pushy about selling your music. Offering items for sale gives your audience a way to support you and thank you.

Struggling with how to make money selling music online? No one wants to feel like they are being sleazy or tacky when asking for sales. Today, I will share some tactics you can utilize during live performances and online. Your audience wants to thank you for the experience you have created so don’t rob your audience of supporting you.

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How to make money selling music online

  • Good marketing makes sales a simple transaction
  • The pre-sale happens in the marketing
  • They have already decided they will buy before getting to the sale
  • No need to convince them to buy
  • Include easy to follow calls to action

How do we market correctly?

  • Marketing does the heavy lifting
  • Telling stories and creating experiences
  • Authenticity – be yourself
  • Offer incentives to buy

Show, don’t tell

  • Great performances including a variety of songs, new and old
  • Hold up the CD and other merch on stage
  • Give CDs away

Educate your audience

  • Tell stories that the audience can relate to or solidify your songs
  • Say what CD the song is on
  • Tell the audience how to support us and what buying a CD or merch does for you
  • Their purchases sustains you and your art

Announce it MULTIPLE times during a live or online show

  • Most people didn’t hear you the first time or even the second time
  • Beginning, middle and end of performance.
  • Point them in the right direction
  • If online, share the link to visit multiples times or put it in the chat

Assume they want to buy in your announcement

  • “When you come to the merch table…” not “If you want to buy something…”
  • Assume the presell is already done
  • Be confident in what you have for sale and express it

Sales becomes a call to action to get something they already want

  • Directing them to the right place
  • Copy should speak that way on website

This podcast opens the door for a series where I will be doing on promoting and selling music iun a more practical sense. If you are struggling with how to make money selling music online, you’ll find lots of useful information to put into practice in your own music business.


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