Limiting the amount of digital clutter in your life can make you more productive and feel less overwhelmed. Email is the major source of digital clutter so today I am giving you some easy tactics on how you can dramatically decrease the amount of emails in your music inbox.

Is your music inbox overflowing with unread emails? Todays tips and tricks will help you regain control of your personal and music inbox so you can save your sanity and avoid being “stuck” from the overwhelm. If you want to go a step further and start 2018 off on the right foot, check out my FREE 5 day mini course, Get More Done In Less Time. You will learn how to set up systems that work for you, how to set goals and create habits that will propel you forward in your music business. Join us December 11th-15th.

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Why we should organize our music inbox:

  • Continue receiving important communications
  • Fear of losing things
  • Inbox is not a to-do list

Ways to organize your music inbox:

  • Add tabs to your inbox
  • Delete all the notifications you get from social media sites and change your settings in the programs you go into each day so those emails don’t keep coming in 
  • Scroll through the last 2 months of promotion emails and unsubscribe from the ones you aren’t interested in anymore. Moving forward, unsubscribe immediately from anything you don’t wish to receive.
  • Organize things you want into labels and archive anything older than 2 months.
  • For promotions you want to keep, use a program like to roll subscriptions into one newsletter (only for things that aren’t timely). Do not use for emails with deadlines. Put those emails into labeled folders (see next step).
  • Set up functional labels to be used on a daily basis – from courses or people you get emails from all the time.
  • Examples of labels: To Read, Follow Up and Today (apply labels to emails from the last 2 months)
  • In email settings: use filters to segment emails before they hit your inbox. (move to label, forward to another email address, etc)

5 things to do to an email as it comes in:

  • Reply or process (if it can be done is 2 minutes or less)
  • Delete (if you delete, ask yourself why are you getting it? Unsubscribe first or label)
  • Archive (things you want to know that you can look back on)
  • Delegate (immediately put in project management system, send it over to someone else, then archive)
  • Defer (urgent- put in Today, to read- put in To Read, something you need to think about – Follow Up

For many of us, the holidays are a dead time when it’s a great time to reorganize things in our businesses. Use this time wisely to set yourself up for the new year. To get a head start, join us December 11th-15th for the Get More Done In Less Time Challenge where we will be: 

  • Creating systems that work for you
  • Setting 90 day goals
  • Determining what to focus on so you avoid overwhelm
  • Learning what to do with new ideas
  • Starting habits that will keep you on track
  • Setting up a time management system

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