Lindsay Katt is a spiritual and heart centered artist who wants to create art for the sake of art. She enjoys the process just as much as the finished product and is here to tell us how she has gotten to where she is today by keeping the joy in creating.

It’s critical to be in a community of musicians who can help and support you when you are in the throes of creating music. As musicians, it’s easy to get caught up in the more rigid side of music business and the creative process can often seem like a chore. Lindsay is here to today to talk about how a community of musicians can help to rally around artists when they need support the most.

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community of musicians

community of musicians

Artistry and Revenue Streamscommunity of musicians

  • Generating income through a variety of artistic endeavors
  • Pursuing different artistic endeavors as she has evolved
  • Discovering what she wants to get out of being an artist
  • Look for artistic avenues where you can cultivate income

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

  • Creating space for learning and engagement with questions
  • Asking questions rather than pretending you know the answer
  • Our ego can limit what we can actually learn
  • Be honest about what you don’t know with the people that can actually help youcommunity of musicians

The Power of a Community of Musicians

  • Look at community like onion layers
  • Ask what has been working for your peers
  • Share what has worked for you to sole a similar problem
  • Use your community in symbiosis to help one another elevate
  • Build emotional equity in your community by showing up with a whole heart

Working Through Challengescommunity of musicians

  • Focus on your work and become indisputably good at what you do
  • Working through moments of feeling stuck without credible hope
  • Find inspiration in what other artists are doing around you, not competition
  • Challenges are just a time line issue

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community of musicians


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