Judy Rodman has worked with many well known artists as well as contestants on shows like The Voice, American Idol and America’s Got Talent. Today, she is with us to share how she got started as a vocal coach and how she can help you improve your singing.

Judy Rodman doesn’t only teach you how to improve your singing, she also touches on a number of things that effect the sound of your voice. She has broken out of the box by providing voice lessons online through Zoom. This podcast comes out just in time for you to learn more about being a vocal or music coach in your own private studio. On my webinar with Allie of The Marketed Musician, we will go over The 5 Steps to Creating a Profitable Private Studio. Join us on October 24 at 12pm and 8pm ET.

how to improve your singing

how to improve your singing Pushing Through Struggles as an Artisthow to improve your singing

  • The struggle of “Making It” and then losing it
  • Separating your art from your business
  • Choosing to look at struggle as part of your journey
  • Moving on after her record label folded

Creating a Revenue Stream from Songwriting

  • Turning to songwriting as a revenue stream
  • Signing with Warner/Chappel
  • Earning her first #1
  • Shifting gears to a new revenue stream

Starting a Vocal Coaching Businesshow to improve your singing

  • Got the idea after a friend asked her for help hitting a note
  • Created her method based on her own experience and the work she has done over the years with her students
  • Working as a mentor of other voices
  • Pinpointing trouble spots with vocal students
  • Developing her ability to hear where her students are having trouble

How to improve your singing and the Importance of Vocal Articulation

  • Your live performance impacts your audience in three ways – musically, visually, and lyrically
  • You lose 30% of your ability to impact your listener when they can’t understand what you’re saying.
  • Find how people are speaking in the genre you want to singhow to improve your singing
  • Mimic the articulation of the masters of the genre you want to sing



If you want to learn more about how you can improve your singing and be a vocal coach to others, join us on October 24th at 12pm or 8pm ET for a webinar with Allie from The Marketed Musician.

how to improve your singing


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