Do you use Facebook Messenger to engage with your music super fans? Today I am demystifying the concept of messenger bots and showing musicians how they can use them to interact with their audience.

By now most people have Facebook accounts and now with Facebook Messenger, it’s even easier to stay in contact with almost anyone. Learn how I use Facebook Messenger to engage with my music super fans and how you can too. If you’d like to learn even more and how to use it in your business, get on the waiting list for my upcoming workshop, How to Use Facebook Messenger to Engage with Your Fans.

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What is a messenger bot and how can it engage with music super fans?

  • Way to automatically pose a question or call to action
  • Way to deliver short, punchy messages (this will not replace email marketing)
  • Permission based system – people need to be able to unsubscribe
  • ManyChat is a free and simple way to get started

Why messenger bots should be used:

  • Open and click rates are fantastic because it’s still new
  • Set up auto responses (sometimes in the form of a discussion)
  • Deliver info and special gifts

What messenger bots can do:

  • Send images, text, videos, audio files, GIFs, emojis, links, etc.
  • Send freemium – free premium download
  • Have contests
  • Do surveys

How NOT to engage with music super fans:

  • Continually send offers and trying to get people to buy things
  • Send long stories or blog posts through messenger
  • Ignore messages and questions from fans

Although bots are not human, it’s important to understand that many people will think they are interacting with a human until they catch on to the concept. Because of this, it’s important to respond to your messages twice or three times a week. Learn more tricks of the trade and get more information on how you can use messenger bots to engage with your music super fans, sign up for the waiting list for my upcoming workshop, How to Use Facebook Messenger to Engage with Your Fans.

music super fans


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