Music licensing opportunities have become singer/songwriter Kim Krenik’s major focus in her musician business. Learn how Kim discovered music licensing and how she uses it to supplement her income.

In this interview, we learned a lot about Kim Krenik! In addition to Kim’s music journey, you will hear about the course that Kim took to learn about music licensing. Michelle Lockey’s course is full of the information you need to know if you have ever imagined your music in film and tv or wanted to explore other avenues of income in your musician business. Join Michelle Lockey and I on September 14th for a FREE workshop, How to Make A 5 Figure Income Licensing Your Music.

music licensing opportunities

music licensing opportunities

Returning to Music After Having Kids

  • Focusing on becoming the musician she wanted to be.
  • Questioning why she was filling her time with things she wasn’t passionate about doing.
  • Discovering that there were more advantages to being an indie artist.
  • Recording an album while licensing opportunities

The Power of Collaboration

  • Learning from her co-writers and expanding her network.
  • There is strength in numbers with more people pitching the song.
  • The music takes on a life of its own, depending on who you’re writing with.
  • When you look to other musicians for support and not as competition, additional resources become available. 

Investing in Music Courses and Career Developmentmusic licensing opportunities

  • Lessons learned from Michelle Lockey about music licensing.
  • Investing in Kathy Heller’s music course.
  • Finding community in the Female Entrepreneur Musician academy.
  • Growing her network of collaborators and contacts.

Music Licensing Opportunities for Film and TVmusic licensing opportunities

  • Focusing on boutique libraries and building her catalog.
  • Putting music with non-exclusive agents.
  • Researching the music used by TV shows and connecting the dots.
  • There aren’t as many places to pitch country music for TV.

Don’t forget to join us on September 14th for Michelle Lockey’s free workshop, How to Make A 5 Figure Income Licensing Your Music. Michelle has been consistently making a full time living by licensing her music for film, TV and ads. Her course is full of the knowledge you need if you’ve been curious about making extra money in your musician business.

music licensing opportunities



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