How do artists submit music for licnsing? This week, Michelle Lockey joined us for Indie Interactive and talked a little bit about how she has been able to keep a consistent stream of income coming in from licensing her music for film, TV and ads.

Michelle has always been into music but it was only in 2010 that she learned more about music placement for film and tv. Licensing her music has provided an alternative way to bring in an income while still performing some on the side. Her very first placement was on ABC Family’s “The Fosters” and she has since had vocal placements and other instrumental placements along the way.

Since Michelle had to learn how to write music for licensing all by herself, she has created a course that is dedicated to decreasing the learning the curve for other musicians. In her free workshop next week, Michelle will teach you the basics on licensing your music for film, tv and ads. The workshop will be on Thursday, September 14th at two different times, 12pm and 8pm EST (9am and 5pm PST). This is the most popular workshop I do with someone else so I look forward to seeing many of you there!  

submit music for licensing

Before you submit music for licensing:

  • Learn how to write to themes
  • Research shows and what kinds of music they have
  • Go to conferences and network (be prepared)
  • Build a catalog of music.
  • Learn how to pitch it.

Mistakes made along the way:

  • Pitching music all over without proper targeting
  • Addressing publishers appropriately and networking effectively
  • Always have a copy of finished material to submit
  • Understand the business side of music licensing (terminology)

Places to go for outside opinions before pitching:

  • Peer to peer sections
  • Pay attention to feedback after you submit music for licensing
  • Pay for custom critiques

Working with co-writers:

  • Find people who do what you can’t do
  • Have a plan before you start working
  • Try to keep the money made as equal as possible
  • Do work-for-hire so that you own all the rights

Most importantly , if you want to write music for sync, you need to eliminate all the other things that aren’t leading you in that direction. Come hang out with Michelle and I for Michelle’s free workshop that will teach you what you need to know about licensing your music for film, tv and ads.

submit music for licensing


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