What does a music manager do? Natalie Umbert, one of the most sought after music managers, stopped by to share over 20 years of wisdom working in the industry.

Natalie has worked for premier companies such as Primary Wave, New Breed and EMI Records Group and earlier this year, she opened her own management firm where she has a full roster of rock and alternative rock bands. Today she answers the question- what does a music manager do? She also delves into what she has learned from working in the industry, what she looks for in clients and much more.

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what does a music manager do

The Impact of Internships

  • Learned that 50% of life is just showing up
  • Showing up physically and energetically sets you apart
  • Working in all genres
  • Working at EMI in New York and Los Angeleswhat do music managers do
  • The people she met early on her career are now the decision makers

What does a music manager do?

  • Creating a wholistic approach to how artists present themselves
  • Providing clarity and career direction for new artists
  • Crafting a business plan
  • Helping established bands evolve and maintain longevity

What it Takes to Become a Successful Artist

  • Commitment to maintaining uniqueness
  • Show up
  • Be nice
  • Create engagement with your audience
  • Commitment to the long haul

What Natalie Looks for in Potential Clientswhat does a music manager do

  • Social media is important, but not all bands know how to grow their audience
  • Commitment to their artistic uniqueness
  • A great live show
  • Natalie only works with nice people

Natalie’s management firm: Chroma Artist Management 

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