This episode was previously published on the Profitable Musician Show.

Bree Noble discusses the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and its impact on the music industry with Bobby Owsinski, author of The Musician’s AI Handbook. They discuss ethical ways to use AI to create music, as well as useful tools for musicians. Bobby also discusses the blurry lines between AI-generated music and copyright laws, explaining how to hone creativity without facing legal issues.

Bobby has four careers in music, starting as a musician in high school and working as a producer, mixer, and engineer. He later became a writer for The Music Paper, a weekly paper that covered music and clubs. This was a significant deal at the time, as it was oriented more towards musicians and artists but also consumer-facing. Bobby’s success in writing for The Music Paper inspired him to put feelers out to various audio magazines to gain exposure and learn from his experiences.

Owsinski’s background in music includes playing four nights a week in high school, working in the studio, and eventually becoming a writer. He has worked with other people in the production and mixing world and has written numerous books around music. His career has evolved over time, with his latest book, The Musician’s AI Handbook, discussing the ethical use of AI in music creation and the blurry lines between AI-generated music and copyright laws.

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