The Glass Child, Charlotte Ericksson,  bares her unique story of survival in her life and career. She tells us her walks in finding a place for her music and books.  I talk to her about her knowledge and experience in crowdfunding campaigns and how she managed to gain a loyal fanbase through learning from the internet and house concert tours.

find-place-for- your-books-and-music-rec

give-opportunity-to-pledge-for-music-sqaCrowdfunding for Musicians: How To Exceed Your Goal

  • Reaching 100% of her crowdfunding for musicians goal within 4 hours of launching campaign
  • Building a loyal following for 5 years before asking for anything
  • Giving her music away for 3 years
  • Creating trust with her fans
  • Giving fans the opportunity to pledge what they can
  • Be prepared with your rewards before launching


musician-ontheroad-wanderer-sqaCreating a Music Career by Immersion

  • Moving from Sweden to London at 18
  • How she used the internet to take action and launch her career
  • Spending a year on the road playing wherever she could
  • Struggles of being an independent artist and how she overcame hers
  • Using her music for survival

fans-followers-money-music-career-sqaGrowing and Maintaining a Loyal Fan Base

  • Finding and building your tribe online
  • Make it easy for people to know what you’re doing
  • Using multiple social media platforms to connect with fans
  • Sending a monthly newsletter in addition to social media
  • Giving away free music for 3 years
  • Building a following through her social media writings


find-people-let-them-know-your music-sqaProjects & House Concert Tours

  • Releasing a charity single for an organization that supports cancer patients
  • Releasing her second book
  • 100 request for house concert
  • Opening her life story to her audience to create a strong connection
  • Creating a European house concert tour
  • Allowing your audience to support you by donation
  • Using house concerts to make a better fan connection
  • Her stream of income as an independent artist

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The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph

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