I talk with April Duran, founder of all-female Record Label Rag House Records and creator of SoCal Girl Fest about climbing the Music Industry ladder and the philosophy that keeps her moving upward.


Her Experience at Musician’s Institute

  • music-career-ladderGoing back to school to make a career change
  • Wanting it badly enough to work full time during the day while going to night classes
  • Learning various aspects of music industry including publishing, licensing, and operations
  • Taking advantage of networking opportunities to meet other people in the industry while in school

Finding Jobs For Music Majors at Live Nation

  • Jobs for music majors usually involve starting at the bottom and working your way up
  • Bringing so much value and passion that a position was created for her
  • Working hard and moving forward into a job at M15 Concerts
  • Creating a great VIP experience

Starting Raghouse Records

  • all-female record labelCreating an all female record label
  • Building her artist roster by encouraging artists to reach out to her
  • Three qualities an artist must posses to be successful
  • Using her network to find artists and strategic partners

indie-musician-fearlessBalancing Work & Family

  • music-industry-winning-attitudeThe art of delegating and juggling family responsibilities
  • Striking a balance between family & music career
  • Setting a positive example for your kids
  • Getting your family involved with your career

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