I talk with Jessie Lee Cates, a brilliant country singer and song writer, on how to get into the music industry, her struggles and what kept her going. She shares her experiences on how she managed well to keep her identity and maintain her uniqueness as a musician while enjoying a stream of income.


musician-artist-mission-unique - sHow She Got In the Music Industry During Her Early Years

  • Growing up in East Tennessee
  • Inspiration and support from family
  • Joining talent shows in primary school
  • Singing roles in high school theater productions
  • Writing songs & Gigging locally at an early age
  • Getting positive feedback to her original songs

The Nashville Experiencewhat-major-labels-want-in-artists - s

  • Deciding  it would be best to remain an indie artist after meeting with major labels
  • Standing up to keep the identity
  • Proving naysayers wrong
  • Struggles of being an independent artist
  •  Signing with a PRO and connecting with a manager
  • Sticking with partners with the same mind set
  •  Recording at Beaird Studios in Nashville
  •  Getting angel investors to fund her first record

Building Her Fanbase

  • Support from many Indie communities and professionals
  • Using Airplay Direct to get world wide air play
  • Reaching a global audience and building an international fan base
  • Engaging and responding to social media interaction from her fans
  • Creating a partnership with your fans
  • Loving to love your fans and haters

Booking Gmusic-venue-booking-advice - sigs & Live Show Opportunities

  • Building a loyal fanbase before launching a crowd funding campaign
  • Singing in front of a crowd of 50,000
  • Positive and negative things to expect in booking performances
  • The art of booking your own gigs
  • Making the most of live show opportunities to sell merch, cds, and connect with fans


Book Recommendation

The Bible

Soar: A Book Of Uplifting Quotes

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Visit Her Website at Jessieleecates.com

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