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Heather Christie of Moonbabe Records shares how her label, Moonbabe Records, builds female-centric communities of fully confident artists. She explains why she brings empowerment to moms, breaking the stigma that motherhood hinders achieving success in the music scene.

Heather started in musical theater when she was five. She wanted to be on Broadway. Her basic training was musical theater, voice choir, jazz choir and such. She was a vocalist and performer. When she was in college, she explored modern dance about philosophy and spirituality. She traveled to India and got a whole different perspective on the world. That was when she started music production so she can create the art and sounds she wanted to hear.

She was originally a touring artist under her own name, Heather Christie. She had a band called Feral Fauna, toured with them then eventually started a band called Sirens of Soul, then another one called Silk Drop. She collaborated a lot.

The idea for Moonbabe Records came and it was crazy. As an independent artist, Heather felt that she wanted an alternative option to what she has been presented as an indie artist. There were a lot of structures she was not that happy about. So she had an idea to start her own record label.

Heather joined American Idol in 2016. Back then she realized she is not the type of artist who was clamoring for fame. The experience of how labels had control of their artist identity shot her in the opposite direction. She signed up for programs that taught her how to be an indiepreneur and musicpreneur such as Rick Barker’s the Music Industry Blueprint.

Back then, labels were asking either to own 100% of her master or split everything 50/50. Indie artists usually go with those deals thinking it might bring them further listens and plays and expand their audience.

Rock Your Next Release is such a good course to plan your whole release journey. It’s important.

Heather’s drive to start her label came from her fear that becoming a mom will negate her ability to be a successful artist. It’s based on former societal beliefs around women and our artistry and how we have to be young and look a certain way in order to be successful. Some of that still lives in her bones in some way, shape or form that she has to work with or break down even to this day.

Her label helps artists both in traditional and non-traditional ways. It’s hard when you have something beautiful that you have put so much work into and then you release it, but you are not feeling 100% great about it. She wants to make sure that every artist that I work with feels in control of their choices. They have thought about all the options and even know what to focus on as they are making their choices and then from there, be solid. They also have the option of working with her as a producer. She also teaches music through her mentorship.

When an artists comes to her, she makes sure that artist and her music are aligned with the brand and focus and energy of the brand. The way she sees this label is as a community and a way to mutually empower, cross-pollinate and further each other’s missions. It’s got to be that energetic fit for me in terms of who I’m going to work with because that means I’m going to put time into that person. They are going to be receiving that from me as well as putting time into the label. It’s got to feel the reciprocal and positive energy.

Heather’s label is a passion project. It’s a purpose-driven calling for her. She is looking into a different model for her label in terms of exchanging special skills in return for having a single produced.

Heather’s advise for indie artists is to dabble and try releasing on your own. “Throwing yourself in the fire is the best way to learn something.” It’s important to empower yourself to lay the foundation because you don’t want to be running to somebody else to figure out these things for you. You have to have already invested in your career and be willing to figure things out. We learn so much by doing that thing that’s uncomfortable.
If you want to get in touch with Heather Christie, the best way to reach out is through my coaching email, which is You can also visit to find out more and sign up for the mailing list and all that. On Instagram is @Möonbabe Records. Facebook is Möonbabe Records. If you want to find out more about her and her music, she is Heather Christie and you can find her on Spotify. You can find Möonbabe Records on Spotify as well.

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