With technology continuously upgrading, people strive to be more efficient in all transactions, meetings, and even virtual music lessons. Join Bree Noble as she interviews Tali Mandelzweig, the Co-founder of MeetFox. Tali explains what MeetFox is all about, from its features to its applicable functions for the service you are looking for. She also shows us how to navigate the platform and how musicians can gain an added value using MeetFox.

I heard about MeetFox from one of my students and I connected with Tali around the same time. This is actually an interesting platform to meet for teaching and meeting people online.

It all started with Tali’s co-founder, Suzanna, who was in Austria. She was looking for a business coach to get some advice at the company she was running at that time. She found it really difficult to find anything online that’s transparent and easy. It took her hours and hours to search and she still wasn’t able to find what she needed. She eventually thought of starting a marketplace of coaches and consultants. She built that and it went really well but after launching it, she saw the bigger demand of the technology that is MeetFox. Tali saw Suzanna do a pitch on a startup event, they discussed it over coffee and that’s when they built MeetFox.

People thought they had to meet face to face. COVID has changed the way people work. People who were not used to Facebook and other platforms learned how to do things online. We’re not really sure when things are going to go back to normal so this kind of platform is going to stay. MeetFox allows you to meet people online that are outside your timezone to expand your business. It allows you to do a lot of things online.

A piano teacher has been doing virtual music lessons through MeetFox and his oldest student is in her 90s. His business is doing great and he has more students now than before the pandemic because of the flexibility doing things online allows him to do.

MeetFox has 3 components that make them different from other platforms. They can schedule a meeting, use a video conferencing solution, and get paid all through the same site. You can also customize MeetFox into your own branding so a lot of people like that.

Features of MeetFox:

1. Scheduling

2. Video Conference
– web based
– customizable to your branding

3. Payment System
– They can choose their own pay method but they are also integrated with Stripe and PayPal.
– Right now, they are session based but they are also doing packages.
– The musician gets paid immediately after the booking.
– You can also set your cancellation policy based on how you work.

Being a grassroots company, MeetFox always listens to their customers and forwards feedbacks to their developers. They really do value feedback and listen to their clients.

They have a special code for my audience to try it for free for 60 days. Just go to meetfox.com, sign up, fill out the details and on the voucher code, use the code BREETRIAL so you can get a chance to try it out for free.

For $11/month they can a limited amount of lessons, and for unlimited, they can get it for $29/month.

One special feature of MeetFox is you can integrate the book now button that links to MeetFox on your website or social media channels. That way, you can monetize your socials more.

This episode was originally published on Episode #17 of The Profitable Musician Show.

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