This episode focuses on marketing your music. We’re going to talk about how you are going to find the perfect people, how you’re going to connect with them using tools online and further that relationship, and how to use data to figure out ways to convert them into raving and paying fans to support your career.

We’re going to discuss a lot of information about data and it may feel overwhelming at first but if you know what your data can tell you, you will love it and will turn you into a fan of knowing your data. If you want to learn more about what we talk about here, go to and sign up for the free workshop that Michael Walker will be doing for my community on November 11th.

Michael Walker from Modern Musician is a fellow summit host. Through his brand, he teaches musicians how to build their fanbase and make money from doing what they love. He started from being in a band in South Dakota and he grew his fanbase through grassroots. What they did was approach people who were fans of the bands they have similar music with.

Michael shares the following steps they use in building fanbase:

1. Find out where the people who will benefit from what you offer hang out

2. Find out the best way to introduce yourself

3. Build a real relationship with them

4. Generate value for them

5. Provide more value over time

How do you use online tools to connect with people and have that deep relationship with them? We need to make sure that even while using automation, you will still have traction and real connection.

What is important either with personal or online connection is to make sure that you are getting on the same page and reaching out to your fanbase where they can really get in touch and resonate with you. Being in tune with them is very important.

Michael will be doing a workshop with us and he’s going to teach you his system that will help you figure out about your artist identity, nailing that down into creating a passionate fan base and revenue multiplier. This is mainly based on a marketing funnel and his system will help musicians develop the skillset of using the right online marketing tools. They have a 3-month program that will equip musicians to develop that skillset and get comfortable enough to run it, keep optimizing it and create their own funnels. They also have a team of 18 trained coaches that will do a lot of heavy-lifting for the artist and do one-on-one sessions every week.

When you start building something, you emulate then you innovate. Once the foundation is built, the last step is the revenue multiplier. They will teach you about a funnel accelerator which allows you to track your metrics weekly. The spreadsheet may be overwhelming but it it best to not know what to track and how to do it. Data also allows you to understand what’s happening to help you get motivated about what you do. You will also be taught how to segment people into different categories based on how they answer sets of questions. Then you offer value based on their answers. You also have to analyze the Cost per Acquisition vs Value per Acquisition. The Fanbase Growth Workshop allows musicians to have clarity on what they have to offer. One requirement is to have at least one song that has high quality on it. How do you put it in front of people, create traffic with it and put it in front of the right people. The workshop will teach you how to go from scratch to your first $5000/month. Michael is going to break it up for you so it would be simpler and easier to understand. To join Michael Walker’s workshop, sign up at

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