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Honey Larochelle, a veteran soul vocalist, discusses the importance of the four pillars of Sacred Artistry. These pillars—the Self, Sell, Skill, and Surf—are all interconnected with one another and are important in helping musicians get through the music industry. She also reminds artists that feeling fear is okay because it can transmute into excitement.

How she got into music

Honey’s mom is a singer who toured with Little Richard, Marvin Gaye, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. Her mom brought her to her performances since she couldn’t afford babysitters. Honey had what she calls a musical upbringing. She was always with her mom during rehearsals. Her mom had her in the studio with her and had her singing on most of the records. Honey did a lot of chorus work with her mom. It was because she couldn’t afford a babysitter. Those years gave her priceless training.

She dreamed of becoming a superstar. Fast forward to her years in New York City where she immediately booked herself a show at The Bitter End. She didn’t have a band at that time. She posted an ad on Craigslist and had people audition for 11 piece band.

Later on, her friend, Maya Azucena referred her as a background singer for The Brand New Heavies. She thought it would be the perfect kickstart into being a superstar. She learned that background singing puts you in the room with the right people and build relationships with celebrities. She became a well-known working musician.

It’s been a while that she has created her own album since she’s been so busy with background singing. She believes she doesn’t have to choose and can create both-end scenarios. She knows she can count on the people she works with when she feels ready to create her own stuff.

The push and the pandemic

One time, Honey’s boss called her after her gig to push her into create her own artistry. In 2010, she got signed to Macy Gray’s record label. From 2010 to 2020, she was touring with all kinds of people. When the pandemic hit, everybody got to face themselves in a new way and create a pivot.

At first, she fell into depression when the rug was pulled and all the rest of her gigs for the year were suddenly dissolved. She had zero income and didn’t have enough savings. It was music that got her through her depression. She used Reiki, which was a big tool for me to find self-love practice again to deepen my healing.


Honey’s first summit is Art and Heart Singers Conference. She felt she was a little confused back then. The summit was about sync, PR and production and how to produce at home.

A lot of summits came out of the pandemic.

Sacred Artistry

Honey based her Sacred Artistry around four different pillars.

The four pillars of Sacred Artistry are all equally important but the first pillar is the self. You get to master your relationship with yourself and how you speak to yourself.

We get into the second pillar, which is sell. Honey believes we all get to be earning while we’re learning. Inside the sell pillar, we go through all the ways you can sell, all the different ways you can get your brand story together, all the different types of offers you can create and how to figure out which offer works best for you and whom you are making offers for.

We get into the third pillar, which is the skill pillar. We’re earning a little money so we’re not operating from scarcity. Let me go ahead and start honing my skills. Let’s get a little better at songwriting and singing. Let’s improve our skills in production or communication with producers.

The fourth pillar is the surf. In the surf pillar, we’re learning to tap into our intuition. Our guided intuition source is asking you to sit down and recover at this moment. Instead of fighting that and feeling resistance around it, you surrender.

Find Honey Larochelle

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