This episode was previously published on the Profitable Musician Show.

Evan Price, a musician and creative, shares his journey in music and how he started working with clients. He started as a musician and later became a promoter for his bands. He was attracted to the entrepreneurship aspect of independent music over touring and dealing with promoters. He went to music business school, got a degree, and opened his company to help other artists or artistpreneurs make money doing what they love.

Evan’s school focused on the entrepreneurship side, which is not the same as what he did. He had a dual degree in Music and Business, but they were very much separate things. He went to Columbia in Chicago, a Liberal Arts school, which had a music business program. He jumped on it and got accepted for a couple of years and found out that he enjoyed this side of things.

Evan’s background in business and entrepreneurship is unique, as music is a different business. He thought it was hard to apply what he learned in business and entrepreneurship to music, but he is doing the Business degree as a fallback plan. He has worked as an accountant and a manager, and he is excited to share his experiences and ideas with his clients.

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