I truly believe that all boats can rise with the tide. What does that mean for musicians? It means that if we band together to promote Indie music as a whole, everyone can benefit. If we collaborate and help each other, everyone wins. It means that there is no limit to what we can do together to create more opportunities for Indie Musicians.

And it means that just because one artist does well, it doesn’t mean another can’t do well too. It’s not either or.

But starving artist syndrome has many musicians believing that their resources are limited. That there’s a fixed pie of fans or venues or income and if others get a piece there will be none left for them. That if one musician succeeds it means another fails. Starving artist mentality has caused so many musicians to believe that fans and venues and income opportunities are scarce and that there’s not enough to go around. It creates division and leads to unhealthy competition. It isolates artists from their community.

But what would happen if the Indie Artist community stopped believing that resources are scarce, and proclaimed starving artist syndrome to be a myth? What if instead of fighting for fans and venues and income, we worked together to better the industry as a whole and make more opportunities for everyone? What if we introduced our fans to other great artists in our genre and they did the same for us? What if we did gig swaps with local artists? What if we shared our wins and failures with each other so we could cut the learning curve for everyone?

That’s what I mean by all boats rise with the tide. My mission behind The Profitable Musician is to create more opportunities for indie musicians and to teach them to work together to CREATE more opportunities for themselves and each other.

And we WILL create those opportunities through uncovering more streams of income. We’ll create them by coming together as a community of like-minded artists to share what’s working so we all can build our careers. We’ll do it by disrupting the starving artist mentality that is keeping musicians living in fear and isolation, believing that resources and opportunities are limited. And we as Indie artists, and especially female artists, will thrive because of it!

If you want to be part of this movement and rise with us, then join us inside my free Facebook group, the Female Indie Musician Community. We can’t wait to meet you.

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