My goal with the Profitable Musician Summit 2019 is to eradicate the starving artist paradigm for good. I realize this is not an easy task. That’s why I not only brought in Music Industry Experts this year, but I also tapped some creative-friendly experts in the financial space.

Our mantra for the 2019 Profitable Musician Summit is “Get smart, get profitable, get back to making music.”

My partner in this summit venture, Steve Palfreyman of the Music Launch Co, and I want to make this whole “money” thing less of an enigma and more intuitive and systematized so you can get back to the best part of your career – making music.

To that end, we chose 33 phenomenal speakers. To join us for the summit, register for free at this link.

This episode gives you a sample of 5 of my favorite sessions from some Music Industry heavyweights.

Cari Cole

Cari Cole is a celebrity vocal coach and A&R consultant.  In her summit session, we talk about how to create a breakthrough release. This process involves artist development, repertoire, finding your signature songs, picking the right producer and more. Making the right decisions when working on your album or EP is crucial to not only spending smarter but also to making the most income from the release. A great release can propel your career to a new level and Cari Cole shows you how to do that during her session.

Ari Herstand

Ari Herstand is a seasoned musician which years of experience in the trenches. In his session he shares his strategies for how to fill your local shows, conquer the college market and budget for your next release with his 50/50 rule. As the writer of his Ari’s Take blog, he has become know as somewhat of an industry watchdog. Along those lines, in his summit session he explains how the “pay to play” venue model works and how not to get caught up in that trap.

Rick Barker

Rick Barker was a speaker on our 2018 summit and we asked him back to share his strategies for finding fans, nurturing them, and offering then new and exciting ways to spend money with you. We also talk about unique fan experiences and how artists can maximize the value of each fan by creating a value ladder in both their live offerings and merchandise.

Corrin Campbell

Corrin Campbell of Indepreneur is a data nerd – in the best kind of way. In her session she explains how to utilize the amazing tools at our disposal today to understand our fans’ behavior and help them to move along the fan discovery journey with us. She breaks it down with plain language that anyone can understand so you won’t be intimidated by experimenting with tools like Facebook Ads.

Graham Cochrane

Graham Cochrane of the Recording Revolution is a master at helping musicians diversify their income streams so they create the lifestyle they want without fear and hustle. In his session he not only gives you the formula for creating income as a freelancer (whether it’s as a home recording engineer or with another artistic skill), but he also shows you how to build an income portfolio that will allow you to create a career in music that fits your talents and lifestyle.

profitable-musician-summitJoin Us For The Profitable Musician Summit 2019

If these “sneak peak” snippets from the summit got you curious and excited to hear more from these experts plus 28 other knowledgeable and experienced speakers, then sign up for the Profitable Musician Summit 2019 now. Our live summit starts April 22, 2019 with a live opening party, surprise guests and tons of prizes to give away. Hope to see you there!


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