During this unprecedented time, it’s understandable to feel powerless. With gigs being cancelled and social distancing eliminating key sources of income, you may feel like your career is paralyzed. But there are plenty of things you can be doing right now to be productive and take actions that will fortify your career against the inevitable financial downturn ahead.  

I’ve heard it said that in a crisis, out of every 12 people, 5 will retreat and bury their head in the sand, 5 will freeze like a deer in the headlights, and 2 will pivot and start taking steps forward. Those 2 will be the ones who emerge with a solid career and a stable income after the dust settles. Here are some ways you can start moving forward and be one of those 2 who recession-proof their career and thrive in the “new normal”.

  1. Diversify Your Income
  2. Embrace Technology
  3. Build Relationships With Fans
  4. Build Relationships with Fellow Musicians
  5. Build Relationships with Venues
  6. Expand Your Skill Set

The artists who thrive in the post-pandemic economy will be the ones who don’t retreat or freeze during this shutdown. It is crucial right now to be proactive not reactive. This season offers unique opportunities, and the artists who aren’t afraid to pivot and move forward, taking even one step each day, will build a solid career and stable income on the other side. 

Bree Noble is a music marketing & business coach, best-selling author of “The Musician’s Profit Path”, recognized speaker, and award-winning podcaster. As founder of both Women of Substance Radio and The Female Entrepreneur Musician, Bree is a champion and go-to resource for Indie artists in all genres. Her most popular offerings are her Female Musician Academy and her Rock Your Next Release program.

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