Art Munson, founder of Music Library Report sat down with me to talk about the benefits of using MLR to find music libraries accepting submissions.

Art Munson isn’t new to the world of music library licensing. In fact, he’s had placements on Oprah, America’s Got Talent, Entertainment Tonight and ABC World News. When he was younger, he toured with the Righteous Brothers and Paul Williams and acted as a studio writer at A&M. Eventually, this led to Art starting Music Library Report, a site dedicated to artists who want to get their music into TV & film. As he says, music licensing is a marathon not a sprint and is always a work in progress. Therefore, you can visit Music Library Report to discover music libraries accepting submissions and use code FEM25 to redeem a special 25% coupon available to listeners of this podcast.

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What is Music Library Report?

Decide whether music library report is right for you and your career focus.

  • MLR designed for production music composers
  • music on tv shows , very seldom gets credit
  • directory of over 500 music libraries accepting submissions
  • graveyard, as some die everyday
  • focus on production music (more instrumental than vocal)
  • no long intros

What is a music library?

How is a music library similar to a publisher and what opportunities do they offer?

  • company that is looking for composers
  • place music in tv shows and/or films
  • depending on company, they will take approximately 50% of the income
  • members are paid to write songs but don’t own songs

Benefits of finding music libraries accepting submissions on MLR

How can you use music library report to find contacts and get licensing for your music?

  • get a feel for what the library is like to work withhalf of the site is free
  • takes time and money to keep the site going, that’s why there is a small fee
  • active composers give you feedback
  • critique section for musicians to get feedback


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