Today, Community Managers Beth Matthew and Cayla Brooke talk about accountability mindset and motivation to keep the promises you make to yourself. Aside from having accountability with partners, we also need to have accountability with ourselves. Sometimes, we are so committed to doing our promises to others, but fail when we need to do it for ourselves. Keeping promises to ourselves proves our worthiness to others. On the other side, we may not think we’re worthy of taking care of ourselves and that is why we do not do it. It is a mindset issue that needs to be dealt with.

Cayla Brooke also cited Brendon Bruschard’s discussion about PIT of inaction.
P – Plan
Oftentimes, we don’t do something because we don’t have a direct plan. It is also constantly learning and not actually taking action. Having a direct plan will take us in the process of actually getting somewhere. If you don’t have a plan, accountability groups are not going to do anything.
I – Identity
This pertains to our esteem and how we view ourselves. Our plan could be to sing at this venue, but we may be thinking “Oh, I’m not good enough to sing at this venue.” How do we visualize ourselves? We may not actually visualize ourselves doing that thing and our identity doesn’t match up. We need to start telling ourselves who we are in relation to our plans. “I’m a person who creates a course that really helps others.” It starts changing your identity so you can earn the good things you deserve. We need to put in the work about our identity. Ask yourself, “who do I need to become to be that person in your vision?”. Visualize that every day. See yourself, feel it and change the identity inside of you so you can take the actions you need to do to be that person in that vision.
T – Time Management
The more time we spend in time lost in distraction or time that is not serving us, we can redirect that to something that is good for us. Look at your consumption and think how else you can spend your time on something that allows you to be more accountable to yourself and your promises to yourself kept.

Beth shares some mindset blocks:
1. Sometimes even if you had to do something for yourself, your attention goes to other things.
2. Sometimes we don’t hold ourselves because we think it’s too hard.
3. Things happen and we experience setbacks.
4. We also need to put healthy boundaries for ourselves.

We may have had different struggles and experiences in the past, but we can always improve ourselves and start putting boundaries and start being accountable for ourselves. Don’t give up on yourself just because things have not been great in the past.

It’s remembering back to who we really were, free-spirited without fear of failure. Find who you were in your past and keep your promise to that person.

Sometimes, sharing with others allow you to help you with overwhelm.
If some things need to be done, focus on one thing and one step at a time.

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