Alicia Mathewson talks about how her practice of mindfulness meditation for musicians has set her up for nothing but success in her music career.

Mindfulness meditation for musicians is something Alicia Mathewson practices and shares daily with her clients in Sounding Still Wellness, her private energy and sound therapy practice. Since writing and singing since age 6, she released 4 albums, she has used the transformative power of music to awaken herself and others by incorporating meditation. She believes that it’s crucial for musicians to be in alignment with a set of values that ring true to who they are.


Working Through Struggle Using Mindfulness Meditation for Musicians

When pursuing music, mindfulness meditation for musicians can help you to stay in your own lane and go at your own pace so you can be collaborative and not competitive.

  • Don’t sit back and wait for other peoplemusic criticism
  • Cooperation, not competition, is the key to success
  • Follow your inner guidance
  • Internal alignment is necessary for external success

What Does Mindfulness for Musicians Mean?

Mindfulness meditation for musicians combines breath, meditation, rituals and our surroundings.

  • Breath is key
    mindfulness for musicians
  • Guided meditations are a great way to start
  • Rituals help us be mindful
  • A walk outside can can get you in touch with yourself

Mindfulness in Your Music Career

Mindfulness in your music career means approaching things with an open mind and heart and seeking opportunities that are in alignment with your values.

  • For starters, approach your career as “Everything is here to mindfulness for musiciansenlighten me, nothing is hear to hurt me.”
  • Next, view every experience as an opportunity to come into who you are
  • Consciousness, cooperation, and integrity are key to creating better spaces
  • Finally, seek out venues and ways to share your music that are in alignment with you

Maintaining Mindfulness During a Crowd Funding Campaign

A crowdfunding campaign can be nerve-wracking. If you utilize the mindfulness tools Alicia talks about, you can stay more positive, more present and more aligned during your campaign which

  • A little stress is good because it means we are stretching ourselves
  • Budgeted to hire someone to help market and promote the project
  • Prepared for it and continued to trust
  • The key to crowdfunding campaigns is people wanting to feel like they are a part of helping you go to the next level


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