Beth Matthew and Cayla Brooke talk about the social media mindset. The social media mindset encompasses a lot of what we do as musicians. Folks that have been musicians for some time have not been used to this, but we all know that social media is a big part of what we all do right now, so your mindset about it is really important.

Mindset Issues as shared by Beth:

  1. Technology
    We may feel that technology is overwhelming and it’s a lot to keep up with. Platforms also change every time.
  2. Visual Appearance and Speaking
    How we appear in photos or videos on social media
  3. Craft
    We may have mindset issues about how we sound or look when we do our craft.
  4. Know-how in setting up for going live on social media
    Knowing what your best angles are, how to get the best visual, how to get the best audio
  5. Fan Attraction
    What you need to give of yourself to attract and keep your fans
  6. Haters and Trolls
    How do we handle trolls and haters?

Fear, doubt, and insecurity are behind a lot of these mindset issues. It’s important to work through those but we need to come to a place to be okay with who we are and being our authentic selves.

Takeaways in Social Media Mindset as shared by Cayla:

Authenticity is a topic we always hear. How are we supposed to do it? We try to copy other people’s feeds and it doesn’t feel congruent to who we are as a person.

Ask yourself these questions:
-Does your social media bring you joy?
-Does posting to social media feel like a job or is it pleasurable?
When our social media doesn’t reflect who we are authentically, it becomes work.

Previously, Cayla has this mindset that she only needed to post about her music and she was not 100% happy about it. Lately, she leaned into who she really was and realized she has three aspects in her life — her music, her product, and then all the things about personal development which she is passionate about. She thought it was a hot mess until she started to think that it’s still all about her and it’s who she is. If a potential fan comes on, they see who she is and get to know her more through her posts. You can share all different things about yourself because that is who you are. That is your authentic self. That is who you are and that is the basis for everything.
Think of your fans as your friends and share who you really are.

We need to become more comfortable in being our authentic selves. It is a journey and it is a process. We want to be comfortable with who we are and everything we are.

Sometimes we think people will not like us if they know about who we are. We have a lot to learn. We can overcome the lies in our heads.

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