This time of the year could be really crazy, busy and fun. This year, we don’t really have that. The challenge with this year is not being able to do these things and we tend not to get in the spirit and it’s easy to feel not-Christmassy.

I have with me my Community Managers in the Female Indie Musician Community, Beth Matthew and Cayla Brooke. They go live once a month to talk about subjects that affect us all and this time, it’s about how to keep a spirit of peace in your music career and during this holiday season.

Peace is tranquility and freedom from disturbance. We can choose to have peace no matter what is going on in our lives. We are in early December in the middle of a pandemic. On a scale of 0 to 10, what is your current peace of mind?

Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is rather than you think it should be. If we can just realize that some things are out of control. We find peace by not rearranging the circumstances of our lives, but realizing who we really are on a deeper level.

What are the things that rob our peace?

  • Unresolved conflict
  • Guilty conscience
  • Chaos
  • Expectations (of ourselves and of others)

Other things that can take away your peace (in business):

  • Procrastination
  • If we are not present (results to guilt)

Things we can do to reclaim peace:

  • Deal with those things and not put them off
  • Focus
  • Mindset. Choosing to look at the beautiful things to give you peace.

We cannot rely on others and the world to make us happy. It all starts in our mind. We can choose what we can do about a situation. When you have peace beyond understanding, inside you know that everything is going to be fine. Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event control your emotions. If there’s to be any peace, it comes through being and not through having. Not just thinking about ourselves but thinking about others and how we can use who we are to benefit other people’s lives also brings about inner peace.