Today, we are talking about why when you wait until you’re “ready”, you’re actually too late. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be prepared, fully studied up, fully confident, or fully practiced. This is in relation to a previous podcast about “70% perfect is perfect” mainly because if you wait until you are fully ready, you’re going to be waiting a really long time. There will always be fears that will creep up in your mind telling you that you are not ready.

Recently, I found a job as a worship director at a church. It was not what I originally intended. I knew I wasn’t fully ready. If I listened to myself, I wouldn’t really have gone through with it. But I did.

My students in Katie Zaccardi’s program all had the same thoughts. They thought that they needed to have a lot of things ready before they joined the program. Eventually, they joined because they felt that they needed the help because they were not getting anywhere on their own. After they joined the program, they got the support and input they need from Katie and me as well as the other people in the group. Either we help you push through with what you already started, or we help you create what you are having difficulty creating. Jumping down on the deep end is what you need. You have to take that leap of faith. My thinking is, if I continue on the path I’m on now, I’ll be more ready to do gigs a few months from now. If I didn’t take the opportunity, a few months down the line, I will not yet feel ready to book gigs. You should go out on a limb and tell yourself that you are ready enough. Do not listen to the insecurities you have in your mind. Approach things with what you can do and not where you are at. Otherwise, you might lose out on opportunities that would come up.

The same thing is also happening with people about my Accelerator program. Some people say that they are not yet ready. Remember that you may actually need these people to help you move forward so that you are not in the same spot as you were in the past.

Whatever things you want to endeavor into, you will feel insecurity and fear. Just go and do it. Otherwise, another person may take up the opportunity that otherwise may be yours.

Hope this episode gives you the courage to take the leap.

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