Female Musician Community managers, Beth Matthew and Cayla Brooke, talk about Mindset Motivation and All Things Video, specifically how to show up confidently on video.

Here are 5 ideas to shift your mindset and show up confidently on video:

1. What is your purpose behind your video?

Are you doing it because you just want to be famous and build your fanbase? Or is your purpose to share your knowledge, inspire others or share your gifts? We often think that if we build it, it will come. That’s not how it works. People won’t come immediately. You have to put yourself out there.

Shift your mindset to: Video is a vehicle for me to share my gifts to others.

2. We feel overwhelmed with all of the changes.

We need to put that all aside. Focus on what you need to learn to make it happen. The fear of tech or fear of being seen is real. We have to get yourself out there.

Shift your mindset to: I can learn how to do video.

3. What other people think of you does not matter.

Your focus is to share your gifts to others. It is usually a reflection of where they are in life and has nothing to do with you. We learn by doing.

4. Find the schedule that works for you.

If you have a lot of things on your plate, you may feel that you cannot fit it in your schedule. Just be consistent with a schedule you choose. You may just do one reel or one video if that is the only thing you can manage. Narrow it down to what you can handle.

Shift your mindset to: I am consistent because I want you to hear my message.

5. We may think our video is weird.

We are a role model. When we put a video out there, even if it’s not perfect, we don’t feel the best about how we look, we feel too old, we feel scared — we are being role models to our friends and our families. We need to start busting the mindset about the fear of being judged for their looks. We need to show others that what we look like does not equal our message. Let’s support each other especially our fellow female artists out there.

Shift your mindset to: It circles back to our purpose to serve.

Aspects to the Mindset Around All Things Video:

1. Boundaries

When we put ourselves out there, it can be scary. Especially those that have traumatic experience in the past, you may really hesitate to do that. Owning our story may be scary, but we may regret not sharing it the rest of our lives. Shame has us believe that lie that when people know about our lives, people may not want to follow us. In reality, people connect with us through those videos when we share ourselves to others. We may tend to hold the bad end and keep the good out. We need to change that mindset. Be mindful about what message we are telling ourselves. Set those boundaries and don’t judge yourself. Be gracious and kind to yourself. Getting started is often the hardest thing.

2. Taking ownership of your life and music career

Own your music career. Many of us struggle with this. We procrastinate because we are not fully owning our lives — our whole being and what we have. You can take an assessment of yourself or with others, to know your superstrengths so you cannot be as concerned about your inner critic or other’s opinions.

Remember that you are a creative being. Video is creative and you can do it. It’s okay. You can learn it and there is so much stuff out there. You’re not here to play small. Remember what it is you are here for.

Use trolls as a badge of honor. When you show yourself enough, trolls start coming up. Let’s do what we can to share ourselves with people.

Who you are will always be your greatest gift. Being your authentic self is what you need to be.

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