On this episode, my friend, Kris Bradley, will talk about how she went from wanting to produce her own music at home to save money to now having a full-blown business for producing music as well as teaching other artists how to produce themselves from home with minimal gear and maximum results. We also talk about the free video series for you to learn how to start producing at home with her simple method. If you want to sign up right now, you can go to femusician.com/boss.

Kris is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Early on, she was writing and pitching songs hoping to get them cut, get film and TV placements, and get songs with other artists. Since she needed to have a professional recording for that, she was spending money for producers to help her with the recording. She had difficulty communicating what she wanted so she did not always get the results she wants. Since she also wrote a lot of songs during that time, she did not have enough money to support producing her songs as often as she needed. That was when she decided that she will learn how to produce.

She was not at all tech-savvy but she decided to get her first laptop in her late 20’s and learn it. She did have technological struggles but she was so determined to do it. She made a lot of bad recordings but she kept on learning until she got to a point that her recordings were good enough for her to start pitching her songs. Then other artists started paying her to do their demos. She suddenly realized she is already a producer since artists were approaching her to produce their songs. Now, she is a full-time producer and also teaches other people how to produce their own songs.

Why You Would Want to Learn Producing Songs With Kris:

  1. You will save money by no longer needing to pay a producer to produce your songs.
  2. You get the results you want. You can either produce your own songs or learn to communicate better with your producer.
  3. You can have the freedom to be in the comfort of your own home and still produce your song.
  4. You can release your own music.
  5. You can beta test your songs with your market and get feedback before producing and releasing them.
  6. If you have the right presentation, you get the full potential of how good your song can be.
  7. Learning to use the right software like LogicProX will allow you to plug in and play.
  8. Kris does a listening party for her course enrollees so she can give feedback to their songs and artists can listen to the feedback and learn from each other.

Kris has a video series she just released which is called “Start Producing Your Song Today in 3 S.I.M.P.L.E. Steps“. S.I.M.P.L.E. stands for Structure, Instrumentation, Mood, Production Style, Leave It All Behind and Execute. The first step is “How to easily build your home studio”. The second step is “Assembling your tool belt”. The third step is “Template: How to Avoid the Blank Page Syndrome”. The last two steps are reverse engineering a different song to get ideas for your arrangement.

Find Kris’ free video series at femusician.com/boss.

You can find Kris Bradley at producelikeaboss.com, Produce Like A Boss on Facebook, and @producelikeaboss on Instagram.

Links mentioned in this episode: femusician.com/boss and producelikeaboss.com