On this episode, I bring back my friend, Katie Zaccardi onto the show and we are going to talk about how to launch your money-making offer. Launching is basically getting something out there you want to release out into the world — such as a release, a Patreon, membership, program or lessons. Whether you just put one post or make a huge fanfare out of it, that is a launch.

I love launching but I don’t like it if it doesn’t go well because it’s not fun. You can put a lot of work into a launch but you don’t have a plan or you do not do things in order, or are not committed to it, a launch can be exhausting and also not be very fruitful. You have to have a good plan in place. For example, we did start working on our launch 6 weeks before launching.

One big mistake many people make is rushing your launch. So many people do this because of scarcity of money or scarcity of time. When it comes to launching, you have to consider that you can only get better results if you don’t rush it, you plan it and feel really confident about your launch.

Just like in releasing music, you have to let people know you are launching something. It has been documented that it takes 7-10 touches before somebody reacts to your post so don’t think that you are being annoying. It really is a way of bread crumbing, warming up or preparing your audience. A pre-launch helps you get to know your audience, lets you reach the right people and gets them warmed up before you launch.

Steps to Launch:
1. Warm-up period
Picture one month of you warming up your audience. During this warm-up period, that’s where your lead magnet is gonna shine. After this, we’re going to spend 1-2 weeks promoting and executing on your launch event.
2. Launch Event
A launch event goes way beyond the lead magnet and helps you attract the right people. A webinar is one thing. Another option is a challenge or more popularly called now as bootcamp. You gather people in avenues like a Facebook group. I’ve also done video series, audio series or an email series.

Two Types of Launches:
1. Evergreen – recorded live, is refreshed every now and then to keep it updated. You can automate it in the future in an email sequence once you’ve proven that it works and that it helps people.
2. Live – doing the whole launch live

Some may not follow the exact thing you launch. Some may not be ready to invest right after the launch. Some may not be converted into a sale. Some may actually come back after when they’re ready. People are in different points in their lives. Do not feel bad about that. The point of the vehicle launch is to attract the right people and connect and build relationship with each and every one of them.

A pre-launch event is a commitment to keep you excited about your launch. It allows you to have a lot of content you can use for your program. It allows people to see what it will be like to work with you going forward. That is more exciting for people than just seeing posts on social media. It creates a fanfare that is more than a free lead magnet. Being able to promote something that’s free and has value allows you to create omnipresence and build it.

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