Australian artist, Prita Grealy, didn’t have plans to start a career in music. In fact, it was a breakthrough on a private yacht and an opportunity at a 5-star resort that changed her trajectory.

Travel had always been a passion of Prita Grealy. Growing up in a family that moved around often and a love of music from the age of 3 has led her to performing on stages and touring across Europe. Once she discovered how to book a music tour that also satisfied her desire to travel to interesting places, she had found the perfect fit.

Now, a full time musician for 10 years, her live loop shows, soulful rhythmic songs and vocal performances have turned into a successful full time music career. In addition to performing, she has a course designed a course for non-singers to become singers or for current singers to strengthen and train their voice. Click below to learn more about the Singing for Non-Singers e-course.

music and travel

how to book a music tour

How To Book A Music Tour & Travel To Cool Locations

  • Grew up in a nomadic lifestyle, living in small towns around Australiahow to book a music tour
  • Music has always been a big part of her life
  • Worked on a private yacht
  • Offered an opportunity to perform live shows 6 nights a week in Thailand

The Looping Pedal

  • Inspired to use loop pedal by K.T. Tunstallmusic and travel
  • Using loop pedal has given her more flexibility in solo shows
  • Started by creating simple harmonies with it
  • Took about 6 months to get comfortable using looping pedal at home before she played out with it

Streams of Income

  • Live gigsmusic and travel
  • Live performance royalties
  • Sells CDs and digital downloads
  • Working toward music licensing
  • Created an E-Course for singing
  • One on one coaching

How To Book A Music Tour

Here’s how to book a music tour that allows you to travel to interesting places.

  • Festivals
  • House concerts
  • Small listening rooms
  • Doing her own booking
  • You have to be 6 months to a year ahead for bookings in Europe


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